Thrust Boring & Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling

The latest advanced technology in non disruptive road crossings. Ideal for water, Gas, electric & fibre optic cables and telephone cables of single or multiple ducts. Drilling HDPE pipes from 32mm diameter to 1000mm diameter, and lengths from 8m to 500m, under Roads, Railway tracks, Pavements, Lakes and rivers, Airport run ways, and solid structures.

The process generally includes five distinct phases as follows:

  1. Planning, Preliminary survey.
  2. Selecting the drilling units and drilling tools.
  3. Drilling a small pilot bore hole, using technology that allows the drill to be steered and tracked from the surface.
  4. Enlarging the hole by pulling back increasingly large reamers. (Backreaming or upsizing bore)
  5. Pulling in the pipe.



Horizontal Thrust Boring

From 4” inch to 54” inch diameter pipes, for all types of services and utilities. Ideal for Water, gas, oil, electric, telephone and sewage lines, under Asphalt roads, Railway tracks, and Airport Runways.


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